5 September 2010

Core Values – What Core Values?

By Bryan

The SMF team is founded upon various core values, yet one team member seems to break all but a few of the core values, and the few that he does not break benefit him and the competition more than SMF, I am not going to say this members name is its evident if you browse this forum or countless other forums on the world wide web, he has caused more strife than I have ever caused, yet he is still a team member where as I got asked to leave.  Yes I break one of the unwritten rules, yet he breaks the principles of what SMF is about.

The values are for public to see on the SMF website and at the top it says, i have emboldened the crucial part of the quote so we can see.

The following is a list of precepts and values key to the Simple Machines team. These beliefs and values are critical to the ongoing success of the project and should be embodied in everything we do and every decision we make.

So lets take a look at each of the values he has broken and look at how he has broken them.

Value 1: Free Software


We will provide our software to the public for free. A full and complete version of any software title developed by this project will be available to everyone without any cost, be it monetary or otherwise.

SMF it does make the software for free and distributes it for free, BUT this team member also exploits that to make money for his pocket, he sells low quality mods and extreme prices.  While there is nothing wrong with making a quick buck, this team member is that a team member he states he does this for good of the community, yet he also does it by breaking the guidelines HE enforces others to follow.

Value 2: Respect and Fairness


We will treat others with consideration, high regard, courtesy and dignity; in a just, equitable and unbiased manner. We will demonstrate good manners, pay attention and treat others as we would like to be treated. We will be consistent, listen and be open to feedback, be careful making judgments about others, and treat people equally and equitably.

This one went out the window ages ago, today for example, he released a trolling mod named … RUNIC … that is respect, he has also tried to sell a mod he had no right to, he not only joined this forum but countless others yelling abuse and cursing away, so much respect!!

Value 3: Development and Growth


We will support the personal and professional growth of each every member of the team. This corporation, the project(s) and the teams were founded by people and for people looking to develop their skills as well as themselves. We will always strive to help and encourage others and to provide opportunity for growth, development and learning.

I have never when I was team member seen this member provide support to other team members, ok he may now, but best of my knowledge I doubt it.  I have seldom seen this person provide support outwith his own mod topics, cant see him helping the growth of the team can you?

Value 4: Recognition and Credit


We will recognize the successes and accomplishments of the team and the individuals who make up this team. We will give credit where credit is due. This applies to successes, contributions, licenses and rewards.

While SMF may try there best to do this, this user definatley does not, one of his more recent mod sales proves this.

Value 7: Activity


All team members are registered members of the main community boards. We all strive to be as active as required to fulfill the duties of our role on the team. There is no required level of activity on the boards; however, a long unexplained absence or period of inactivity is inconsiderate, causes unnecessary speculation and is cause for replacement.

This user has went weeks without posting, went months without looking at mod approval, eyt gets let off, he seldom fulfilled the duties of a team member.

Value 8: Support


Our reputation is built by our users. Excellent support is fundamental to this reputation. We will continue to provide support and assistance to the members of the user community. A product has little value if it is not supported, ongoing support is ongoing development are equally important.

I will give this user his due he supports his mods, however outwith supporting his mods, well not really. Most of his posts are in his mod topics.

I personally only broke one rule, an unwritten one at that, this user is breaking SIX of the core values the team should abide to.

As I said he breaks six that leaves us with two he doesnt break fully.

Value 6: Volunteers


Everyone on this team is a volunteer and gives what they can of their free time. They each give what they want and/or can, but we must accept that life and family come first. We will be understanding and supportive of each other, and will respect other members when they take breaks from and/or leave the team.

Yes he is a volunteer that is not in dispute but even at that he is far from supportive and understanding.

Value 5: Friendly Competition


We exist in a competitive world, with many other alternative software titles. We will persevere in this arena through quality and respect, not through antagonism and hate. We will be supportive and will not insult, disparage or in any other way tear down other projects, businesses or organizations.

This is actually the only one he does not break, he is really friendly to the competition, we have found he makes mods for phpbb and mybb and sells them helping the competition, now mybb and phpbb are good softwares in many aspects and I am sure they love a SMF team member helping them.

This gets me wondering how many of these does the lead of cus team break, however that is a topic for another day.  This team member, also has some of the red badges doing his dirty work, one in particular has stated that I have been providing you with top secret information, while we all know everything is public knowledge, specially on how poor this members mods are coded.  However I confess I have just given you some top secret information … are we all sitting comfortably … ” one in particular has stated that I have been providing you with top secret information” this was posted in the SMF Friends board on the SMF Community ooo top secret that isnt it Jeremy “SleePy” Darwood.  This named red badge also forgets that vbgamer’s real name is on thousands of forums as like SleePys name its in the CREDITS but according to this red badge thats not public knowledge… so what is … and why is a team member allowed to break SIX of the core values!!!

Why does SMF have core values?

SMF Core Values can be found at: