9 November 2010

Cus Team what is taking so long

By Bryan

On September 25th I placed a mod on the modsite, October 17th I got message asking me to update the mod to use two text strings instead of one, the mod hadnt even been downloaded so they never even tested this was a quick message asking me to do something that does not break any guidelines they have set for mods, I know I searched and read both SMF Coding Guidelines (granted it outdated) and the Customization Approval Guidelines, neither stated what I did in my mod is wrong, so that means the mod approver has not only not checked the guidelines but also failed to check the mod fully.  I of course responded telling them that my mod doesnt break guidelines, and told them that I love them.

Today I checked, the team a month later have still not downloaded the mod to check its coding, they have not yet replied to my previous message, but my mod still is waiting for approval.  This leads me to two things. 1.  They see its my mod and automatically place it at end of list.  2. Refuse to even look at it.

Now if we look at the approval list many mods have been approved since then, this is beyond the suggested wait for a mod bump thats been posted various times in Team Board.  So what are Cus team doing, well we all know what vBGamer45 has been doing.  NIBIGO well he has been on and off the team more than even JBlaze (sorry its true), Tyrsson I havent seen him post in ages, and same with B.  Great image for a team.  A team that is made of modders, yes that is right the team that is purley modders arent even looking at mods.

A few days before I submitted the mod I offered an olive branch to SlammedDime, now SlammedDime has still got me on ignore, what a great image for a team lead AND he has refused to look at the topic, or accept it …. who is at fault … I ask you?  So from, this day on my offer to SlammedDime is now revoked if he cannot get past his egotistical mindset then I have no time to try and patch things up.