14 December 2015

Elämä jatkuu

By Bryan

Have you ever looked at your life,
and thought “What The Fuck”,
asked yourself how you got there,
Wondered how you can change it for the better.

Looking at past loves,
And being thankful for them.
But wishing things could have,
turned out differently!

Looked at the choices you made,
and how they have molded you.
From the time you decided to buy a pizza,
when you know you shouldn’t have.

Left that loved one as you had a chance,
to create a new life Far away,
but for the memories to haunt you,
and the last image is them crying,
at the train station as you sped away.

Have you ever thought to yourself,
“I wonder what life would be like,
if I could just change one of these choices”
Ah well,

Elämä jatkuu

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