15 December 2015


By Bryan

I just got an email,
A blast from the past,
But unlike before,
When I emailed the blast,
I did not feel anything but happiness,
But happiness that she has moved on,
And I am doing the same,
Something tells me she will remain,
Deep down, But no longer on the surface and the core,
Where it matters,
That spot is filled,

The red beating drum,
In all of us,
It’s no longer beating for Colleen,
It’s no longer beating our songs,
From the past!
It’s beating for someone new,
Someone who means more,
Someone who fills me with happiness,
Someone who fills me with joy,
Someone I love spending every moment with,
Someone a lot closer to home,
A special someone who is more me,
The real me, not the moi people see.

I don’t recall ever being this happy,
Before I met this special someone
I don’t recall feeling the way I do,
Not for anyone,
I’ve changed for the better,
Not the worst,
There is no way to explain how happy she makes me,
So for this special someone,

I have to say thank you,

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