15 July 2012

End of Naxos

By Bryan

So the time has come in a few hours we (La Team) say farwell to the strangers we met over 2 weeks ago, and who are now good friends, we are all used to saying farewell to people, but I think this time it will be harder as the bond has grown strong. A sort of family unit has been created, with Efi and Dimitri like the mother and father of the family. The camp from my own experience has been succesful, the group clicked fast, and a new disease has been discovered, the Furkan effect. I dont want to go into details as even thinking of this ailment can cause you to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sorry I dozed off, luckily the camp dog managed to wake me up.

Last night the locals came to the accomodation and prepared a meal for us, potatoes with boiled goat, you know this country is full of new experiences and boiled goat is definatley one of these things. After alot of wine and food, the band began to play, drums, and a traditional instrument that got my curiosity as it was a traditional Naxos bagpipe, and I was honoured in being allowed to have a shot, even managed to play some Scotland the Brave and Amazing Grace. As the night went on, and more instruments appeared, I borrowed a drum and played with the band, with many of the locals telling the other drummer to copy my beat, when I stopped to socialise and say hello to some of the locals I had met here, I was called back, we finished with a upbeat tune, that was played with just drum and bagpipe, and we cant forget Jo attempting the violin.

Now while this is sad day as we say farewell to people we came to know, for me its a positive day, as it means that in 12 days I will be able to see my Gorgeous Girlfriend, who I miss more than I dare to admit. Shit I just admitted it … ah well!

Farewell Filoti, I do hope to visit again, and I know that I would be welcomed … I think…