20 June 2016

Farewell Greens

By Bryan

After over 2 years in the Scottish Greens, i have resigned in protest over the way the party handles complaints. For over a year a friend has been sexually harassed in the party, yet no investigation, no warnings, nothing is being done to stop it happening again, the reason is the same one that has been repeated for over a year, we are restructuring, yet members who sexually harass are being let off even with pages of evidence.

I write this blog with a heavy heart, the party has the best policies, best vision and the best for Scotland (in my view) however I cannot sit by and watch as such a great party fails to take action on serious topics.  I cannot be involved in a party that is so out of touch with its members.

Below is my email to the party:

“I herby resign from the Scottish Greens, after the way I have been treated by individuals who can do no wrong in the party eyes, and the way my friend has been treated by the same individual, and by others who have been reported for Sexual Harassment, and nothing being done, I no longer feel I can be within a party that allows individuals who sexual harass to be let off, or members who seem to get preferential treatment.

While I still support the parties policies, my own principals take precedent and sexual harassment and favouritism has no place in todays society.

Bryan Deakin”

While I doubt my resignation will make any waves, I do hope that the party that has policies I agree with, will learn from its mistakes.