15 December 2015

Farewell to an Unknown Friend (Robin Williams Memorial)

By Bryan

He made us laugh,
He made us cry,
He made us stop,
And ask why.

He’s been a genie,
A President, twice.
A teacher, a poet,
A nanny for his ex wife.

He made fun of Scots,
And talked about golf.

But no matter what,
he was their for us all,

On the tv, youtube or twtter,
The Big Screen, stage or even flickr.
The world has lost,
An acting genius.
A loss for future generations.

In person we may not know him,
On screen hes been a friend,
Lived in a jungle
Until you rolled a 5 or 8 but not a 10.

He has flown and fought pirates,
Been an alien from afar,
Been addicted to spinach,
And created Flubber.

No matter how we remember him,
Doesnt matter the time,
Take a few moments,
To remember a friend.

RIP Robin Williams
© 2014-2016