22 November 2012

Films Films Films

By Bryan

Now one thing many people know is that I am not a film person, I like films and I try to watch what I can.

Since my return to Scotland I have been in regular contact with a friend in Greece, when I say regular I mean almost daily. One of the many conversations we have had is movies, and of course we are suggesting movies to watch.

For myself top my friend I suggested they watch the unknown Scottish movie Gregory’s Girl, now if you haven’t seen it I do advise you do, but as they still to watch it I wont say too much but look out for the penguin.

Now the movies I have so far been advised to watch are High Fidelity and Submarine.

High Fidelity

I actually quite liked this movie, ignoring the fact it starred the legend that is Jack Black (Shallow Hal, Tenacious D, Year One …), the main character Rob Gordon (John Cusack) was played well, had an excellent choice of music and was easy to follow. It didn’t meet my criteria of a Chick Flick so it gets extra points from me. Besides having a few well named celebs in it. For me its a movie I will be happy to watch again.


This movie is fresher in my mind as I have just finished it, in all honesty I didn’t like the movie, was for me too slow, characters were obvious and the accents pissed me off as I couldn’t understand a lot of what was said. Saying that I did feel the 2 main characters were played well, the filming style was interesting, and it has brought a question up for my friend who suggested it … this will remain quiet. The movie was obvious low budget with evident issues in scenes with more modern equipment being seen in various places. In all honesty I cant see this being added to the watch again list, but I do advise people to watch this movie if they haven’t as it is different,

Looking forward to the next movie … peace out for now.