15 December 2015

Fire Ants

By Bryan

I stopped my medication,
To try and clear my mind,
It was the advice of the doctor,
To clear this matter called my brain.

This is my second attempt,
First one was real tough,
Didn’t last that long,
This time I am fighting the rough.

It feels like I have a nest of fire ants
crawling through my brain,
Cant think clear,
And my bones ache.

I need to get off them,
My anti-psychotic medication,
Been on them too long,
But I will fight the fire inside.

It feels as if I have awoken,
From a long term nightmare,
Given me the strength,
To take on the beast of life.

I will fight the demon,
Fight the fire,
Gain control of my life,
Without that medication.

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