27 August 2010

Friends Vs SMF

By Bryan

Firstly I wish to apologize if this article is not as well written as my previous ones, my proof reader is on holiday, Secondly I wish to thank all the friends (using the SMF definition of friend) that have gotten back to me.

The events of January 2010 was not the start of the issues between friends and team, even when I was a team member, alot of the friends then were stating things that I did not fathom if they could be true or not, but after reading alot of the topics in team boards and listening to some influential people from the SMF history I started questioning and siding with the friends. The January incident just brought it all to the surface what many of us knew would eventually happen, but did not want to think it would be soon, I wont go into the exact January incident as its well recorded on SMF, SMF-Friends and various other websites.

Since then many of the former team members have spoken out about how things are run at SMF, how the team is made up and many of us have issues with some people being on the team. I recently asked many of the SMF Friends a simple question and to word it in a way that works with this article “do you support SMF project or SMF Team” every friend that has answered (exclusion of 1 whom was pretty abrupt and offended at being asked) stated they are for the project, and are against certain team members. This is funny as the team members many of us wish to stand aside are the ones who would lead you to believe that the friends want the project to die.

So here are some simple bullet points that I have composed to make everything alot clearer.

  • The SMF Friends support the SMF Software
  • The SMF Friends wish the software to grow
  • The SMF Friends are majority against certain team members
  • The main team members friends wish to leave are Cathy Bailey (Amacythe), Jeremy Darwood (SleePy), Derek Schwab (dshwab) and Matt Zuba (SlammedDime)
  • Many also believe that Jonathan Valentin (vbgamer) should also resign.

For most of the friends the issues with the above people are more on a professional level with whats best for the team, not a personal level, yet some of the above will lead you to believe otherwise.

Please be aware the above is general con-census and may not be the views of every smf friend, simply as I am not in contact with some.

Please if you do support smf think about contributing