13 June 2012

Getting into Greece

By Bryan

Wednesday the 30th I left, just missed the train so I had to ait an hour for the next one, met some guys there and we just sat having a laugh listening to Placebo.  Arrived in Haymarket and went to the stop for the bus … alas due to the damn tram works they changed the schedule and I had missed the last one.  So taxi off to airport.  At the airport i met a Scottish guy living in Holland, and as always we started talking, helped as along wait.  Was more interesting as people thought we were a rock band and kept asking us to perform.

Alas we didn’t.

After landing into paris we find out there is a strike … no shock huh … an another Scottish girl and I spent a while trying to find our terminals as alot of the airport was closed and all sense of logic was gone, after 30 mins we find terminals and say farewell.  Walk along to my gate and get myself a bottle of bordeaux for the flat and some food, was really weird how much french i understood without ever studying it.

We took off after a long bus ride to our plane and I fell asleep instantly, waking up to see the alps below us and the inflight meal being served.  Chicken with pesto and pasta and carrots and turnip.  Pudding was a chocolate cake and a crousant with brie … gorgeous.  Not to mention the free bottle of wine … the one I just bought aswell!!

After another sleep I awake to the fasten seatbelts as we are approaching our landing looking out over athens was amazing olive everywhere.  First thing besides the landscape was the heat even at 5pm.  Walking through a simple terminal to baggage claim I was happy my bag was second … first time as usually mine is last… some guy with clipboard speaks to me in greek… looked at him to say wtf … he then asks where I came from … I told him … walked through the double doors to be greeted by a group of people … one wearing a bright orange t-shirt saying ελιξ … this was georgia my mentor a bubbly twenty something greek girl … I get the cliche feeling that my journey is just beginning :/