Getting to Know: Joseph Fung

1. What got you involved with SMF?
I believed that we could build a better free solution than was was available out there. It was our desire to give back and our believe that we could do a great job of it.

2. What feature of SMF do you like the most?
I’m torn between the easy install wizard and the package management system.

3. From what you see what do you feel SMF is missing?
I’ve always felt we could do more to have more analytics tools to help community managers better hook into their members, and now I think we could do better to integrate with other social media tools.

4. How do you feel about the transition from LLC to NPO?
It is the right decision, and should have happened earlier :)

5. Since you have left SMF what have you been up too?
A number of things – other startups, doing more coaching and mentoring of student entrepreneurs, and getting more involved in the arts culture in the city where I live. Most recently I’ve been working on an HR software startup: TribeHR (

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By Bryan Deakin

Hello and welcome to my site, my name is Bryan Deakin, 35yr old from Scotland. A Dyspraxic, Poet, Blogger and Community Activist, I studieda BSc(Hons) Sustainable Development, at the University of Highlands and Islands. Lover of all things Greek and Finnish, and a keen and active member of Falkirk SNP. Prior I was Vice President of Simple Machines, and Project Manager at Simple Machines Forum (SMF).

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