22 August 2011

Getting to Know: Justin

By Bryan

1. What got you involved with SMF?
I’d been using it for a long while on a site I ran and my tech admin at the time (Kirby) was an SMF team member.  So him and I had started working on things then some time later I joined the community and kinda got hooked on helping out.

2. What feature of SMF do you like the most?
Ease of Administration

3. From what you see what do you feel SMF is missing?
Lacking in Ajax implementation over other forum products; Customization documentation (I will admit the latter is far better now than when I originally joined the team)

4. How do you feel about the transition from LLC to NPO?
I haven’t observed much post-changeover.  It’s hard for me to have a real opinion without being biased to either side.

5. Since you have left SMF what have you been up too?
Working at a web hosting company for the most part.  haven’t really had too many side projects.


Justin sadly passed away on the 22nd May 2015