20 January 2011

Getting to Know: Nao

By Bryan

1. What got you involved with SMF?
I’ve been building websites since ’96 and forums since 2003, mostly with my own custom software. Then Invision went closed source, and I decided to look into something else for my anime forum. SMF was the only one to have all of the features I needed at the time. I also converted my WordPress blog to SMF, and that’s when I began looking inside SMF’s inner layers, leading me years later to Aeva Media and heavy core rewrites.

2. What feature of SMF do you like the most?
Quick edit. Topic split.

3. From what you see what do you feel SMF is missing?
Developers. Coherence. Balls.

4. How do you feel about the transition from LLC to NPO?
I’m afraid the path to their openness is paved with bad intentions. Or bad execution.

5. Since you have left SMF what have you been up too?
I never left SMF. The only guys who left SMF are the SMF team.
The only difference is, in my book it’s no longer called “SMF”, and instead it’s the fork that everyone wanted to see. Okay, gotta go… Have some other feature that can’t wait to be implemented. Be seeing you.