15 December 2015

Girl of my Dreams

By Bryan

They say love is hard,
They say love is blind.
They say love hurts.
Never thought it was true until I met you.
Something changes when you are about,
That has never happened before,
And even though we are no longer,
It still hurts inside,
It still churns for you,
Still longs, still requests you.

We are friends now,
But still, I need you,
I love you.

I went on a short break to clear my mind,
Was stoned, and drunk most the time,
I got things sorted,
I got my mind free,
I needed a break,
Yet even my love changed,
My break made me realize I need you,

I promised you I will move on,
That I will, but deep
Deep inside I still love you ,
I always will,
I love everything about you,
Your smile, your laugh,
Your bossiness, I even miss the nail marks,
And the sore balls,

I miss the smallest thing
Like when we kissed
How you would bite your bottom lip
Or how your eyes lit up,
I even miss how you trying to teach me crystals.
With little success

So what im trying to say
I love you, and I miss you
The Girl of my Dreams

© 2005-2016