15 December 2015


By Bryan

He is walking outside my second floor window
but what’s he doing in Scotland?

Now I have your attention,
And you have guessed the above is a lie,
I will tell you about a spider,
that’s crawling up the wall!

Freaked out are you?
But the beast is soo small,
No bigger than an ant you see,
and he’s sitting on my wall.

Wee black and timid,
his legs are crouched,
pincers are twitching.
As he prepares to free fall!

He jumps, and falls,
It could be she you know,
Falling, down and down
and down and
stops, just above the floor.

The miniature beast of burden,
that will be exaggerated in my dreams,
Here he will be 100 foot,
A web the size of a field.
And instead of wee flies he eats.
Its gonna be cows and deer!

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