16 May 2012

Greek Elections

By Bryan

On news recently they are saying there will be new elections in Greece in middle of June, now many people know I have been involved in 3 campaigns here in Scotland, all for the SNP and SNP Candidates, we have been succesful in all 3, gaining more votes than any other party in 2 of them and gaining couple of thousand on the other.

Be interesting to see a Greek outlook on voting first hand,  obviously I wont be voting but it be interesting to see the hype if any, chance to see speeches I wont understand from candidates.  And just the general feel of the process there.  Maybe I can pick some idea’s up, incase I ever stand, or pass some on to my friends in the party.


Of course I will go as Scottish not British, I will of course promote Scotland and why we should have independance, cant expect me to do any less can I.