15 December 2015

Hall Way

By Bryan

I sit in this hallway.
Night after night,
All dressed in black
all lights off, the only light comes from my VDU.
The walls are an orange at the top,
with an aztec style wallpaper at the bottom.
I love the darkness, I hate the light.
I fear for my life if i go outside.

If you arent aware im a goth.
And I cant stand violence.
But if I go outside myself I stand the risk off being attacked.
The local NEDs stand near my house,
Waiting for me to leave.
Im scared to go to work,
Im scared top meet my friends.
I need to taxi to the local pub situated a 5 minute walk away.

But does anyone care, Hell no.
Will anything be done to help me grow propelly and ot to be scared for my life,
of course not.
the time the police come there all away in hiding.

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