15 December 2015

He Is Me

By Bryan

He sits, each night,
All alone, he’s scared,
Frightened, to leave his house.
In case they, attack him again,
Abuse him, shatter his hopes,
His dreams, his wishes

He is nervous, when he sees,
When his eyes catch the girl he admires,
He is nervous, scared to ask her out,
In case she says no, In case she joins the rest,
And start mocking him.

He sits online at night, people think he lies,
When he admits, admits that he,
That he does something, he knows he shouldn’t,
When he tells people, that he takes a knife to his skin,
And slits himself, he knows people don’t believe him,
When he says he is scared, scared that he will take it further,
And slit his wrists.

People get him angry, and he snaps out,
Explodes like a volcano, on the occasions,
Where he snaps at a “friend” and apologizes,
They don’t believe him,
No one believes him, no one really cares.

For all whom would like to know,
Know this persons name,
His name is Bryan Deakin,
And yes you are correct,
He is me!

© 2006-2016