23 March 2013

Hello World today the weather is WINDY

By Bryan

So im sitting here in Orkney, weather looks nice compared to yesterday, a late night lots of drink, followed by a few hours of sleep and a nice hot shower, sounds great huh, the view is not as scenic as I have seen from my times in Greece. Was woken up by some rattling in kitchen next door and Darryl walking in with 3 cups of coffee. So nice and with the shower helps you get up.

Its weird being on a Scottish Island, firstly no sun, no white beaches, no blue sky and of course no clear sea that I can see. I have never been this far north in Scotland before, and so far in reality it just feels like the mainland, same corporate shops, The Co-Operative, Lidl and Tesco’s, 2 of the big banks and other things like that.

Ah well time to get finished getting ready.