14 September 2010

How to Help …

By Bryan

For the last few months my site as well as arantor.org has been bringing you the news on what is happening on SMF, things that the public should know but do not, we have shown you the hypocrisy of certain team members and we have allowed you to speak and share your views, everything we have shown is in the public eye if you know where to look.

While we have shown a lot of negative, and we show the negative in hope of a positive response, and believe it or not we are making progress in this, but its not just us that see the issues, many of us put aside personal differences in January to stand up against the coup, and have we won well not really the main people still have the badges BUT progress is being made, people that remained neutral, are starting to see the light, but we all still need help, so what can you as a user of smf do, that’s simple, the list below should help:

  • Report posts, even if they are from team members, if they break the guidelines or values SMF hold dear, then report them.
  • Keep submitting Themes and Mods, yeah they are not being approved HOWEVER why should you stop, they will get approved eventually and SMF needs mods and more importantly new and innovative designs being released.
  • Report bugs, suggest better ways, just cause the devs have done something one way, your way could save coding.
  • Promote the software, remember we all support the SMF software, we don’t support key individuals in the team, there are issues but the software is strong, and only way it will continue is if there is a strong following.
  • Provide support, SMF team is made of volunteers, I have outlined issues with current thing in cus. team, I have not outlined the issues with support team, simply as the main issue is they are overworked, join the Community Support Helpersgroup, and provide support, but please dont just guess actually think and ask for help if you don’t know.
  • Help the Doc Team, recently the Doc Team announced a  Doc Helpers group for people to help write articles for the new Wiki, fix grammatical errors etc
  • Share your experiences, and views on here and arantor.org, why create a new site when there are sites already existing for this topic, if we can keep things centralized, then that means the users don’t need to go to hundreds of sites to read it all, also makes it easier for those on the team that are trying to change things.
  • Do research, believe it or not a lot of people who say they are for SMF don’t even know the history, the people such as Jeff, Joseph, David etc all spent years starting SMF and get little credit, [Unknown] Is a main player in SMF and YaBBSE but remember the software started as YaBB, so respect everyone on SMF with grey badge, and please start giving the founders more credit than they currently get.

Please remember that we don’t want SMF to fail, we never have and we never will.