15 December 2015

I Do

By Bryan

We are gathered here,
On this wonderful day,
To bring this,
Gorgeous couple together,
In the eyes of there gods,

Love found these two,
As they take the vows,
In the eyes of our Lord,
Sorry I mean Gods.

Do you, take this lady to be,
Your lawfully wedded wife,
To love and to hold through sickness,
and in health, for better or worse.

“I Do”

Now, do you take this man,
If you can call him that,
Well you all know the rest.

“I Do”

Is there anyone in this assembly,
Of freaks, who knows why these,
Two heathens should not be married,
Then please do not speak now and do not,
hold your peace.

Then I now announce you,
Husband and wife,
But its not in the eyes of the true god,
The lord Jesus Christ, Amen
You may now kiss the bride.

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