15 December 2015

I Should

By Bryan

Should I tell her the truth?
Should I say how I really feel?
Should I open myself up?
To the heartache, that I have felt before.
The Anger,
The need not to be hurt.

I know, I have to tell her,
But I’m scared,
Scared she will do the past,
Hurt me when I get close.

Funny, really I can’t see her hurting me,
Yet I still have the pain,
From a similar mistake,
I can honestly see her being the exception to the norm.
Breaking the cycle I am in

Being with her,
Seeing Her,
Feeling Her,
Tasting Her,
All tell me to tell her,
I’m Scared.
Smelling her hair as she rests her head on my chest,
Feeling her move,
Sensing her close.

She showed me a poem,
A poem, I can’t tell you what,
It made me think,
Think can I trust her enough,
Trust her not to lie,
Not to cheat on me,
To be there for me,

More I think about it,
The more I realize,
Realize how dumb I’m being.

So to the one this poem is based,
I love you too.
And that is what I have been hiding.

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