7 November 2013

In the beginning

By Bryan

Its been a long day today, got up few hours before my normal awaken time, to get a bath and get ready finished for my holiday, so get my small rucksack and start packing, half way through it dawns on me that fuck this wont work, so I leap over my bed that has all my gear laying on various places over it, in a sort of organised mess. I jump and pick my large rucksack up and start the transfer. Slowly the bag fills up as my stuff get added.

I decide its time for coffee ok well very sweet but strong tea, I am going through a tea phase at the moment after all. Run down the stairs missing a few out now and then and go into the living room where my dad is resting on the sofa watching his horse racing moaning that his horses are not winning, well when I say his horses I mean the horses he has marked off on the paper!

For the next hour or so it was the race of the stairs, running back and forth between getting packed and drinking my tea, finally my rucksack was full, and it was bath time! Bath time the memory is fond, it must have been the best rush bath I ever have had, so warm, relaxing, soothing and perfect, well for me anyway. I will not give you the gory details of my cleansing, but it was “epic!!”

After getting more of my stuff ready after my bath, I sat had a bite too eat then did the dishes for last time before my holidays, and relaxed more.

The time slowly ticked by, and it was now five to five, I stood up, started getting my stuff in place and gave my folks a hug goodbye, as I put on my bags and walked out the door, my nerves started, its been so long since I was last in Finland and I was getting more and more anxious.

I walked the short hike to the bus stop and waited, the due time went past getting more and more anxious I used what I had left to calm myself down, luckily at this point the bus came, carefully looking at my phone for the time I telepathically attempted to send a hint to the driver.

Before I left Triin from Estonia requested I bring her some Crabbies, so realising I had time to spare, I went it Asda and bought her some. Getting to the train station to find that the train was also delayed, I took a seat and sorted my bag. The train finally came 3 minutes late, I got on and took the first empty seat that I could that was near a luggage rack. Co-incidentally the only seat I found was next to what I can only describe as the most attractive lady in the carriage, and at that she would be a 6 on the hot scale. For the whole journey I sat and played solitaire. Old skool I know.

Finally arrive in Haymarket and I get to the bus stop, turn around and there is the bus coming, sweet, I jump on it pay the fare and speed slowly towards airport. Not realising that this was actually the earlier bus that I thought I would miss. Arriving at the airport, I walk in to an eerie sight, the place was dead, except for a few people dotted around. I look at the screen, expecting to see the famous big screens to see that they are now 3 screens only slightly bigger than A4 paper, and all they do is direct you to the company zones. I look around and find screens with what looks like departures, and notice that my flight is now open, this is 40 minutes before its due/ Not one to miss a chance to get rid of my bag I walk over to the baggage drop and get my bag checked in. Now as I have a rucksack then this is out sized baggage so a wee trip to the new baggage point and I am sorted, well after a nice wee chat to the lady at the drop point.

Go up to security all is fine, no beeps this time, and I walk to seating area as I have over 2 hours to wait, luckily, their was free wifi for 2 hours so I get to surf the net, then after that I play solitaire again. While surfing I see a flight delayed by 3 hours, people were going beserk, a few even demanded a refund, others accepted the free food they were offered. Initially it was said to be weather but later found out it was a technical hitch.

Time to board, so far so good, I attempt some sleep on this flight, but end up just playing solitaire while my phone is on flight mode! An hour later the captain announces that we are in London, 30 minutes early … damn!