14 August 2012


By Bryan

So Joquim and I were at the “pub” last night in kipselli, in all honesty its a shop with tables outside, they charge 20 cent extra to sit there but the prices are cheap for a premium amstel and its a nice location and people are friendly so its worth it.

We were discussing what people need to do to become greek male, we agreed on following

1. Have long hair (I have this)
2. Be unshaven (I have this)
3. Have a Greek girlfriend (I am sooo happy to say I have this)
4. Sleep alot (yet again I do this)
5. Speak Greek (ok im learning this Δεν μιλαω πολυ Ελληνικα)
6. Be chilled (working on this)
7. Smash plates (sorry folk this one doest happen anymore)
8. Have a big nose (Yep I have this)
9. Eat Souvlaki (I love this stuff)
10. Drink Greek Coffee (hmm nice and easy to make)

So from this short list I am slowly turning Greek, we did ask Jaana for what else but we decided that the being a player wasnt a good trait. But there is one thing I dont wanna lose and I plan never too, I will never lose my Scottish identity, I will never lose my accent.

Unfortunatley Jo only has a few of these numbers 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10

So if I have missed anything please let me know!!