30 June 2016

Isle of Lewis

By Bryan

On the 24th of July I finally managed to get to the Isle of Lewis, this is an interesting one for many reasons, mainly considering my registered campus for University is on the Isle of Lewis.  I have never been their before, I have never seen my campus.  This was no ordinary visit though, this was the farewell to the Sustainable Rural Development Student Society, so we were getting together to toast the society and end it all on a positive manner.

The Friday was torture, having spent all night watching the EU Referendum, going to bed unhappy and in dismay at the result of the vote, after having a interesting morning, my friend, Leanne finally picked me up at noon, after hours of driving, and a big call out to the guys at TNT in Edinburgh (her workplace) who provided assistance.  As a non driver and someone not sure on driving on the A9 they helped out.  We arrived at the port and bought our tickets, went on the ferry, and found a seat near the cafe.

I have spent alot of time on ferries, and eaten on many, however the Calmac service we were on the food was Amazing and for myself worth the £10, an Tomato soup that cant be described and a very spicy chicken bhuna!  The nan bread was cooked well and the rice was just as i like it.  We watched Kung Fu Panda 3 and just chilled.

Getting of the Ferry we were met by Fiona, who was picking us up, she took us to Tesco where we bought the food for the weekend, then drove us to the accommodation where we were greeted by Fran who had arrived earlier in the day.  We opened the nibbles we bought and settled in.  Fiona had planned our next day, so Fran went over it for us, after a wee while Leanne went to bed so the remaining two had a lot of alcohol and played cards, until I took ill.

Next morning we had breakfast and then at 9.30 as we were tidying up Fiona came to take is on a tour of the island, our first stop, Harris Gun Club, well a shop first then Harris Gun Club, where we were given a tour of the site, and had the pleasure of shooting at some clay pigeons!  Shockingly for me, someone who has Dyspraxia, I managed to hit 40% of the targets (or 4 out of 10, but the % sounds better).

We then went to some standing stones, that had the most amazing view (look at the featured image), from their Fiona took us to a nice beach next too some local black houses where we got a few pictures, then to the whale jaw arch from a 82ft blue whale that was harpooned and died in the 1920’s.  I could go on for ages about what we did and saw but the pictures at the end show enough, including the most amazing beaches you can imagine, that closely resembled beaches in the med!

Saturday night we held a BBQ and were lucky to have the famous Dr Edward Graham, who is one of the lecturers at the university who came along to say hello, some alcohol later, sausages, burgers, Stornoway black pudding and lots of veg later we all say farewell leaving Bryan who had arrived and myself up until 4 drinking.

Sunday morning we agreed to be up for 9.30 and breakfast for 10, being only person up I did all the cooking, burgers, sausages, black pudding, vegetables and bacon.  Near the end the rest walked in and Leanne made a nice cup of tea for myself, after a while of eating I left for the others to do the dishes, and came back to make sure the place was cleaned up to a good level.

We left at noon to go to the campus, walking up to the campus we took a walk around the campus, then took the required signs of us at the LCC entrance just to show we were their, we took a walk around the campus, before walking back down to the car.  Our final stop was meeting another lecturer, Rebecca Smith, where we had an amazing cup of well for me cup of chocolate.  After saying farewell to Rebecca, we stayed a wee bit longer and then went to the ferry terminal, it felt longer coming in but this could be as we were tired.

The drive down felt long, but this was due to tiredness, both Leanne and I was evidently tired from all the travelling and I do feel sorry for my friend who had more to drive when she dropped me off then had to work early the next morning.  Fran also had a not so fun travel down, with one of her planes being delayed for 2 hours.  Luckily everyone made the trips back fine, and most have rested up, I plan to rest on next day I have nothing planned.

However please enjoy all my pictures from the weekend.