14 December 2015

It Be Braw

By Bryan

A robbed a bank the day,
An a didnae even ken,
love the rumours train,
Even when am babysittin a wain.

Aye I wis watchin ma nephew,
A tyke aged of two,
But I had time to rob the bank.
Obviously this rumour aint true.

But the girl a used ta hae crush on,
Since nursery nae doubt,
When she and I were toddlers,
Many moons ago now.

Well she did reply tae the post,
Sayin naw it cannae be true,
Oddly ma hororscope the day,
has actually started coming true.

It said an old friend you will hear from,
One that you like,
And things will start lookin better,
In your love life.

Now tae finish aff ma poem,
I need tae sae,
I cannae see anythin else happening
but it be braw if it dae.

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