22 June 2015

Its the Final Month

By Bryan

So in one month we leave for 3 weeks to Greece, a country that has been on mainstream media for the last few weeks due to the financial situation. Am I concerned about my holiday, no.
My flights to Athens are secured, my accommodation is through a friend who is gaining money, and that will then go into the economy, and not some consumeristic travel chain. Travel to Naxos was bought direct from the ferry company, the ferry company is a known Greek company, registered in Greece, money stays in Greece. My accommodation in Naxos is through airbnb, so while a fee was taken for booking the bulk of the money goes yet again to a Greek citizen, who will then spend it in the Greek economy. We spent just over £1100 for 3 weeks in Greece not including transfers or spending.

A similar holiday using Thomas Cook was roughly £1200 each at the lowest and for only 1 island, Kos. If we use Barrhead Travel who state to be the cheapest online travel agency, picking a cheap flight and the cheapest accommodation we hit £1,838.05 for 2 people, this a single room, so food and cooking would be extra and only includes Athens, the further £300 for Naxos (Ferry and Accommodation based on what we have) makes it £2100 odd for 2 people. Of course these are tourist chains and companies so profits would not be going directly to Greece. Also these places while will have advisable area’s to visit in Athens and may have some vouchers always seem to send the people to the worst places to try local food … I know I have seen them at it … I have been told by insiders. And by these places I mean the hotels not the Barrhead Travel.

While the Thomas Cook Holiday is taking you to an overpriced touristy location, is all inclusive for meals, it lacks the true culture. When I am in Athens I go to places Greeks go to and not tourists. Yes I will go to touristy sites for my friend who has never been to Greece, we go drinking with Greeks, we avoid the mass corporations that he is drawn to here, a holiday is about trying new things, seeing new cultures and having fun.
But money am I worried no, there are mechanisms in place to secure money, a Grexit will not happen overnight it wouldn’t start taking effect until later this year and places will still take the Euro as the transition takes place. It would take time to get a suitable exit plan drawn up, and would cause too much hassle for the European Union who after all is an expansionist corporation for lack of a better term.