15 October 2010

January Events – Think

By Bryan

So we all know what happened in January the red badges trying to take control of the company against what the team and project is founded on, so 7 months on what has changed, well besides the team at an all time low, and compuart standing down, tbh nothing really.  Ok a new NPO has been formed, but same people still have red badges, and friends are still being censored, the events of Friday the 13th August shows this, we the friends yet again had a rally to get someone who was banned unfairly.  Interestingly as I was the one who made the badges if it happened in January I wouldnt have cared if he got banned or not.

So some positive has came out of it, alot of people who lost friends in the event are now friends again, some wars have been settled, as we all have a common enemy. Ok a few, if people remember the letter that most of the friends signed, back in January, asking for Cathy, Jeremy and Derek to do whats best for project and stand aside, well none of the three have.  The team is still mostly people who supported the actions.  With the recent resignation of Jblaze the cus. team is solely supporters of the coup.

One thing people don’t pay attention to is since SlammedDime took over the Cus team unchallenged, more Cus. team members have left, and the 4 that are still on team don’t do that much, maybe one mod approval a day, and considering there are 40 mods that is a long wait.  They require a SMF Friend (myself) to handle the themes, with little accreditation.  I have stated to SD that I am going to cut back as he should find someone but he has not, the Cus team are still modders they have no care for themes, and they never will while the team is led by modders.  The recent changes in the Theme Approval Guidelines were by me.  The theme of the month is chosen by modders, not by a themer as there are none on the cus team.

Recently it came to attention of the friends that the team have approved the changing of the term “Cathy” on the database to “Amacythe”, forgetting that her name is on every single 2.0 RC2 and 2..0 RC3 forum on the internet, forgetting that her name is still on the records for SM LLC and forgetting her name and address are still on the who-is details.  This edit was done to protect her identity never mind the fact that her name is public knowledge on a simple Google search.  Still trying to work out the reasoning on this.

Last few days I have spoken to many former team members specifically from the Cus team, and many are willing to return if vbgamer and SlammedDime leave.  Friends from other teams are waiting for Jeremy and Cathy to stand down.

What will happen in the future who knows, SMF is still the best forum software on the market, what needs done well the people on the team need to think if they are doing the best for the team being on the team, or would it be better if you stood down to allow more people to return, what is more honorable?

Bryan “Runic” Deakin
True SMF Friend