15 December 2015

Just Venting

By Bryan

Let me tell you of a truth,
One I haven’t told many folk,

I go to bed each night,
Its pointless as I don’t sleep a wink,
I toss and turn and toss some more,
Then its time to wake.

Wouldn’t matter if I did sleep,
As the tears roll off my cheeks,
Been crying each night.
Since October,
With a break in November for a week.

I see a sunset on a wall,
I fight back the tears,
I hear a song that reminds me of her,
More tears.

I sit most nights in my darkened room,
No lights even from outside,
No noise except for the rain.
Sitting on my bed hiding from society,

Drinking has increased,
Alcohol is becoming a friend,
For that short moment I drink,
Memories fade and I begin to smile.

I am not depressed,
Just sad,
I am not attention seeking,
Just venting.

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