15 December 2015

La Team Greece 2012

By Bryan

3 Years,
3 Years,
3 Years!

Since I took that step,
The leap of faith,
Moved to a new land,
Some would call it fate!

3 years
since LaTeam Greece 2012
Nunzia, Joquim, Janna and myself.

3 years
Since my life changed for the better.

3 Years
Since happiness,
And I mean, proper, true, happiness
Was lost as I
Returned to Scotland.

3 years
Since I last fell in love
And she threw it in my face!

3 Years
Since we visited the amazing islands
Naxos, Syros and Andros!

3 years
Since she and I sat on the kerb and cuddled
Wishing I was single
As our friend went berserk.

3 years
Since we said goodbye,
A last minute call from airport so you could say farewell.

3 years,
Since LaTeam Greece 2012

3 long years!

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