15 December 2015

Let Me Open

By Bryan

Let me open, with a truth
I slit my wrists,
To get away from this harmful world
Where I find it obvious no-one cares,

Every time I find happiness it’s grabbed away
Yet people call me suicidal when I try and die,
I couldn’t care what people say,
I couldn’t care what people think,

I just wish people would stop trying to put me down
I just wish people would let me live in peace
I just wish that, I just wish that people would let me be with the person I love
Is that too much to ask for?

At work im slagged and no one sees me for whom I am
They complain like mad when I get moody and snap.
My social life isn’t much better,
I go out the door at night and I get attacked

I come online and meet a girl with the only downside
She lives in the states, but that doesn’t bother me
Cause she worth that and a lot more,
I love this girl, her looks, her smile, and her eyes
I love everything about her and with that I cannot lie.

Except for one of her friends who is hell bent in making me unhappy
Setting me up to make me look bad,
And it really pees me off.
I can never find happiness when she’s about,
I can’t get in a good relationship
I tell this girl I don’t feel for her I don’t care for her,
And she tries to ruin my life.

Now the girl whom I love and care for
Has been taken by her deceitful lie,
She has taken its side without hearing my defense,

I wonder why I want to die,
She says we should take a break,
And “maybe” get back together soon,
Why does that sound familiar?
Oh I know why cause ive heard that many times before,

I hate my life,
I just wanna die,
I can never get happiness
So what’s the point in me living?
Why don’t you just let me die?

© 2006-2016