15 December 2015


By Bryan

I sit here telling people I am fine
I lie,
I sit here telling people that everything will be ok
I lie
I sit here telling people as long as your happy I don’t mind
That’s the truth
I sit here telling people it doesn’t hurt,
I lie,

I just want to die,
The pain, the pain is becoming to much,
The pain is making me go berserk
Without you,

I cried last night, but no-one knows
No-one can know,
No-one can understand
No-one at all,
People claim they know how much it hurts
But how can they
How do they,
No-one knows.

I just want to curl up and die,
I just want to get away from my life,
Change my life, somehow

How can anyone understand
How can anyone care
How can anyone realize how much it hurts,
Without you, without your love
Without your smile, without your radiance,

I just want to DIE
I just want to die
Right here, right now
I just wanna pass away.

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