Life Spring

Look to the moon,
I am no longer their,
Energies I sent,
Have long since disappeared.

The moon holds no surprise,
No boost, no life spring,
I realized not long ago,
Our love was a sin.

Slowly I have realized,
Gradually, like a slow snail.
The feelings we shared were real,
But I had flutters for another.

I have told my friends,
That I miss this lass more,
It took a walk home,
To realize I cant hold it no more.

We were epic,
Our pic’s make me cry,
I miss a girl I loved,
A violent goodbye.

But when I see the mystery,
Online on Facebook,
My heart skips and I hold back,
From making her say a final goodbye.

I will tell her,
Promised a common friend I would,
May take some time,
But I really should.

© 2014-2016

By Bryan Deakin

Hello and welcome to my site, my name is Bryan Deakin, 35yr old from Scotland. A Dyspraxic, Poet, Blogger and Community Activist, I studieda BSc(Hons) Sustainable Development, at the University of Highlands and Islands. Lover of all things Greek and Finnish, and a keen and active member of Falkirk SNP. Prior I was Vice President of Simple Machines, and Project Manager at Simple Machines Forum (SMF).

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