17 July 2017

Look …..

By Bryan

Just fucking tell her,
“I like you”
how hard is it to say those 3 words
you know they are true
You know she feels the same
So just fucking tell her

“Look  ….. I like you, more than a friend”
See its simple, so just say it to her fool,
You know she is single, and you ask how

How can such an amazing lass be single
Why don’t you have the guts to ask if she wants to change it.
Don’t use the distance excuse,
She is cheaper to visit than going to London.

“Look …. I like you, and I want to be more than a friend”

Not hard just you make it hard you whimp!

Just say it to her before its too late!

© 2017, BryanDeakin.com and Bryan Deakin