20 November 2015

Lost Back in Time Again

By Bryan

I sit on my black leather sofa,
Knock at my door,
I answer,
Organ plays,
I walk outside,
The mist appears,
My jeans and t-shirt,
Now a full Scottish kilt
My New Rocks,
Now small leather shoes.

The gathered crowd,
As I walk down the aisle
Till the minister points to my seat

I stand

Organ tune changes
The crowd stand,
Trumpets out play the organ,
In walks heavy armed guards,
Marching two lines down the aisle,
Trumpets hoot again,
Guards raise there weapons,
Arch appears,
King with blue robe enters,
Followed by known stranger,
Her long purple dress trails the floor,
Crowd gasp again,
As King and daughter walk the aisle.

They part at my side,
She smiles and whispers,
I smile and nod,
she blushes.

We face the minister
Vows are taken,
Audience sighs
We kiss,
All in awe

Reception time,
My new wife,
and I dance,
The fimiliar dance,
In walks king.

Serious his grimace,
He calls me over,
I obey and kneel,
His daughter runs to my side and kneels,
He draws his sword,
Lifts it high,
His mind must change,

I am scared,
I look down,
I feel a weight on my hair,
King yells,

“Arise New King of Scotland”

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