20 November 2015

Lost Back in Time Yet Again

By Bryan

“Arise King Of Scotland”
I remember it well
Can not forget the now so familiar stranger.
Since she and I wed
Its been seventy years,
Since I saw her in my time
Shoulder pressed the red brick wall,
Its been sixty five years,
Since she and I married.

Five Kids, Eight grand kids and 2 great grand kids.
I am still the kind of this land,
But I know not for long,
Ten more years till my birth.
I’ve brought a lot of good in my reign,
We etched our names into the solid red brick wall,
Many years ago now
My wife is still as beautiful as ever,
And even in my fragile state,,
We dance the familiar dance,
I met my parents,
Saw them wed,
They did not know.

They said they would name there first born after me.
Lets hope its in ten years.
Lets ask the gods that its a bo…

Readers and Fans of the kings words, I am the “Familiar Stranger” I am sad to say my Husband died while writing these words.

May He Rest In Peace

© 2008 – 2016, Bryan Deakin