15 December 2015


By Bryan

Ever known when you have ruined your life,
Felt each minute, each stab in the heart,
Ever realized when you are losing the one you love,
Due to a mistake you made.

Feel it now,
I sit downstairs,
She sits upstairs,
Refuses to talk,
To hear my voice,
So I cant apologize.

Have you ever felt like you are losing the one,
The one that makes you feel alive,
One you have loved since the day you met.
But now you are dieing inside.

I love her,
It was I that made the mistake,
Wish I could say sorry,
And make her see my regret.
I sit here now,
The pain in my heart.
With the knife slowly twisting.

Have you ever wanted to remove the pain,
The pain from yourself, but specially from her.
Wish things could go back to how they were,
Before you made the mistake.

It was my mistake,
A tense moment,
I will not give an excuse,
As I know its my fault,
I love her now,
As much as I ever have,
But I know it will unlikely be the same.

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