10 November 2013

Mitä Vittua!

By Bryan

Friday was my relax day, no plans on meeting anyone till the night so I decided to take a walk to the castle, take some pictures, and just generally chill in the morning.

Afternoon, after some Piima, I decided to walk to Uusi Tuuli, walking the route a used to cycle, this is slightly different to the way I would normally go, it incorporates the other side of the river, and oddly was almost the same route I first ever took, walking along river, up to the cathedral and along Hämeenkatu, over the bridge and across the grass, run over the road, up the other side and down to the office, it was like everything else on outside it was the same, except no container, but that comes and goes, a few bikes outside. I open the door and walk up the corridor, and open the big door. For life of me I cant remember the guys name, however he looks at me, ive known him for years, first thing he says is “What the Fuck!”, still shocked at seeing me, we greet each other, and slowly catch up, guy sitting next to him turns around and says hello, I recognised him but not sure why (turns out to be another old friend), so after about 15 minutes I go walk around emmaus, and then pop into office, their it was not so easy to be recognised, but Inka did eventually recognise me. Went back down to bike market and had a coffee and caught up with everyone. At around 3 I walked back to hostel where I slept for a while.

Between arranging meeting that night and buying tickets it was fun, but alas Anne had to pull out at last minute, I was soo looking forward to seeing her again but cie la vie. I went along to the meet point where I met Olli, now Olli I have many fond memories off but besides for short hair he is one of the few I have met so far that hasnt changed, we went to The Castle, the doorman remembered me so as normal let me in for free, Olli had to pay the entrance fee, we had a drink in their, then went next door for a few and met some interesting people, all really happy to meet me, then we went to the Daily Mail, and just missed Wellu and Pasi, but we got their numbers and I met many people that knew me, as Wellu was saying I was in town and he wanted to see me etc. We finally left when pub closed, and walked to aurajoki, to get some food. We said goodbye and I went to sleep.