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For a long time now I have been planning on updating mods and themes for newer versions of SMF, now with the recent launch of 2.0.3 and 1.1.17 I decided that now was the time to do it, this took many hours for each and a lot of the themes were built on an RC template so there was a crucial design flaw due to a css edit not being made, luckily these were fixed. Mods were updated well the ones I wanted for 2.0.3. Giving me a total of 30 Public mods and 25 Themes, these are as follows:

Blue Eyes(2.0.x)
Halloween (2.0.x)
Veterans Day (2.0.x)
Thanksgiving (2.0.x)
Decal (2.0.x)
Splot (2.0.x)
Valentines (2.0.x)
St Patricks Day (2.0.x)
Ostara (2.0.x)
Beltane (2.0.x)
Splat (2.0.x)
DarkDay (2.0.x)
Pagan (2.0.x)
Ugly (1.1.x)
Softer (1.1.x)
Red N White (1.1.x)
Black to Basics (1.1.x)
Breen (1.1.x)
Design (1.1.x)
Black To The Future (1.1.x)
Ancient and Rusted (2.0.x)
rIBBON (2.0.x)
The Chemical Theme (2.0.x)
Smooth (2.0.x)
Alba An Aigh (2.0.x)

Currently working on updating AA New Damage to add to that list.

Here is a list of all current mods:

Signature Area BBC (1.1.x and 2.0.x)
Add Stars To Profile (1.1.x)
Most Popular Topic Today (2.0.x)
New Some/New None Remover (2.0.x)
Change Account Status (1.1.x and 2.0.x)
Slogan (1.1.x)
Default Membergroup (2.0.x)
New Board Stat Style ((1.1.x and 2.0.x)
New Profile Look (1.1.x)
New Style for Recent Posts in InfoCenter (1.1.x)
Show Unread PM’s(2.0.x)
Badge in User Panel, Profile and Signature (2.0.x)
Quick Reply Permissions (2.0.x)
Indicator Changer(2.0.x)
View Post Count (1.1.x)
Daily Targets (2.0.x)
Hayley Westenra Avatars (1.1.x and 2.0.x)
Random Pagan Verse (2.0.x)
Log Karma Actions (2.0.x) (recently taken over from hadesflames)
Last Edit Link (2.0.x) (recently taken over from Robbo_)
Auto Lock Topics (2.0.x) (recently taken over from Robbo_)
Buddy Page (2.0.x) (recently taken over from Robbo_)
Slash Through Banned Members (2.0.x)(recently taken over from Robbo_)
Admin Notes (2.0.x)(recently taken over from Robbo_)
Entity Tag (2.0.x)(recently taken over from Robbo_)
SSI Multiple Board News (2.0.x)(recently taken over from Robbo_)
Fake ‘User Online Time Threshhold’ (2.0.x)(recently taken over from sAce)
Additional Forum Title (2.0.x)(recently taken over from Doctor Deejay)
Aion Syndication (2.0.x)(recently taken over from Robbo_)

Mod wise I am working on a new mod that’s not been done yet and updating the styling for User Info Above Posts

So its been a busy few days for personal, as always if you wish to donate money to help me continue with mods and themes then click on the link below!

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