29 March 2014

Mods? Themes? Where?

By Bryan

Years ago when I wrote an article about the Cus team, I believed a Themer as Cus lead would encourage more themes, its sad to say that today I need to alter this perception.  A themer that makes themes needs to be Cus lead.  At this time we have a Cus lead that does not make customisations and has caused the Cus team to fail even more so. But its not just themes where the team is now failing:

In my Articles, Mods Not Just Themes I examined the flaw of the team allowing small mods that are only a few characters long through the process,  This practice went on for a while till eventually the light was seen  and the changes were reversed.  But its came to our attention that recently this has yet again been reversed and the Cus team are yet again allowing modifications that only alter a small portion of code.

Lets look at one mod that’s been released recently, while the mod is quite interesting concept all it does is change 32M to 128M that’s an alteration of 3 characters!! ok the mod is a bit more than that but the rest doesn’t change!  Another mod breaks coding decency by adding inline styling that centres the member group area on boardindex.template.php according to Cus team this is allowed, yet many of us who understand coding realise the flaws in this.

Next we look at Themes, in the articles A Call to The Turks and Theme Innovation.  I looked at the lowering standards of SMF Themes, its a shame that since these Articles theme innovation has not improved, as always it is worse than it has ever been.

Now with a Themer as the lead you would expect theme standards to improve, yet what we are seeing is the death of theming, many of the big names have since given up, and others are sticking to paid themes due to the falling respect Themer’s get in the community.  Many sites are now illegally removing the theme copyrights due to lack of respect, themes being approved are far from what they should be.  If we look at the 4 newest themes, all 4 are far from what theming was when 1.1 was the stable, this makes you ponder huh, each theme looks a lot like default and one 1 in the 4 can truly be considered a theme and not a variation even though its still default styled.  But where is the leads themes? After all the lead is a themer or so he claims!