6 September 2010

My Farewell to SMFServices

By Bryan

When I first created SMF Services, it was a site for me to make money, and my friends to also make a quick buck, I always ran SMF Services with the customer as priority, like any “business” should.  With this our reputation grew, we were getting busier and busier, so we had to bring more people into our family, as the family and customer base grew the build up of admin side and issues arose.  With the rise in customers, I slowly had to give up jobs that I wanted to do as others had not done one, and like any good leader the people below me always came second to the customer.  Eventually I gave up and I stood down and stayed on as a friend.  After a while the urge to try again came back and I returned as an admin, Aldo soon stood aside and I was leading again, this was fine I had no issues with this.  But now the reputation was high we had countless of people wanting to partnership up and I had to decide on best one, and I did, I believe tumbleweed is the best partner, he and I had created a friendship over at simple machines, and as SMF Services started as a group of friends then that is what a partner should be a friend, a friend who has a specialty in an area we did not work in (we did try and failed).

After a while the demons in myself started showing I became crankier and started spending less time online.  During this time I decided a few things, firstly I want to be more a coder than a themer, I know more about theming protocols on smf than anyone else and I have fought more for themes than anyone else (Gary has also but in many aspects he did come a close second), so I want a change, and in comes mods.  Secondly, I still love my ex, kid or not I want to be with her, she is the only person who can make me go from really pissed off to cheery just by saying “hiya”.  Thirdly I realized I need to leave SMF Services, I had thought about selling it, but no-one I knew would pay the money i was asking, (£2000 isn’t that much considering its easy made back) I am too much of a hindrance, the stress is not good for me, i am no longer making money, any money I make from doing jobs goes straight into the site.  So I went pink, I transferred all the money I had in PayPal to Aldo, and closed my PayPal account to open my new one.  So this left me to leave, its something I thought about for a while, how to do it, then today I realized the easiest way, and only way for me to do it avoiding temptation to rejoin is to just delete my account, and answer the questions.

Oddly it took longer than I thought for the first questions to come in, in honesty almost 3 hours.

I want and know SMF Services will continue to grow, the partnership with GC Solutions is a great step forward for the site and more importantly the customers.

Me well I will be doing odd jobs to get some money, planning to work on a free premium themes if I can stop being my own worst critic.