11 October 2016

My Plan

By Bryan

In July I spent 2 of the best weeks in a country I feel closer to home than any other, yes I am a proud Scotsman however Suomi, will always be home for me, its one of the only places I feel myself.  One of the great things I managed to do, besides, go canoeing, be involved in a minor car crash (it was an adventure), flirt with a very attractive barmaid in a town I had never heard of, sing in Finnish karaoke (I even sang a Finnish song).  The best thing for myself was to lose weight, and one thing I am still proud of is the amount I am managing to lose.

Ok, I was never large, I was slightly overweight but nothing massive.  However, I had gained quite a bit of weight over the last few years.  So losing this weight is quite a proud moment, and continuing to lose it for myself is a lot better.

My plan is really simple, I am off to Greece in just under 2 months time, my plan is to use this time to healthily lose as much weight as I can to get to my ideal weight.  For the rest of October I will not be drinking (doing  “Go Sober for October”), however, I will continue this for rest of November, I will continue to eat better and exercise more.  Hopefully, by the time my trip to Grece comes up, I will almost be at a level I am happy with.