11 July 2012

Nearing The End

By Bryan

Saturday Georgia the La Team mentor arrived on Naxos, so I travelled to the port to meet her, after a interesting greeting when she arrived, we walked best we could along to a local cafe, where we bought a cold coffee, well she got a Freddo Espresso, and I got a Medium Freddo Cappicino. After a long time in the cafe we went a tour of the city and went to look for a new bag for myself as my old one is broken, but being unable to find one I decided upon buying a new sleeping bag and throwing the old one and my backpack. We then gradually made our way to the ticket office and sat near a nice sea front where we watched the sea and talked.

Getting onto the bus home we sat at the back and watched as the scenery changed and we arrived at the school in Filotti. I unlocked the door, and set her bed up, and we just sat and listened to music for a while before agreeing to go a walk. Time we got back the rest where back from the beach and the introductions started. The whole camp was looking forward to meeting her not only cause she was part of the La Team project but as she is the girlfriend of one member of the team.

That night we had been invited to a local christening and feast. It was an interesting experience as it was a traditional Greek Orthodox christening with lots of old greek and people standing around talking. The feast was immense, local cheese, and veg, local goat … old and new … for eating, free drinks and local made wine. As well as greek dancing. We also met the Major of Naxos and found out the we all knew the deputy already.

Next day Georgia and I got up early and went a walk to another church and sat for a while watching the scenery, then took a new road back to the school, the party was still going.

Later the workcamp went to the beach while we stayed behind as her bus home was at early afternoon. We yet again listened to music, even slow danced in the school hall, must say it was an interesting experience i must say.

The clock is on till we meet again …..