15 December 2015

Never Change

By Bryan

I do not know how,
How she managed,
To do the impossible,
I do not know how she managed,
To turn my life around,
How she managed to make me happy,
Make me want to life for tomorrow,
Want to see her beauty,
Her cuteness,
Her sweet smile,
Her smile that melts my soul,
Melts my heart, as if it were a liquid,
All along.

I want to know, how.
How she does what she does,
How she makes me realise that my life,
Is important,
How in a matter of weeks,
Managed to mould me,
Into a better person,
A person who would fulfil her every desire,
No matter how big,
No matter how small.

I just know,

She is the best thing in this life,
And I do not want that to ever change.

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