15 December 2015

Never Knew

By Bryan

You never knew, How I felt,
Thought, but never knew.
Things I never told you,
Secrets I kept inside.
As I never wanted us to part.

That last week together,
Keeps playing in my mind,
Things I would have done different,
I wish I had a second try.

A ring I was looking at,
Venue and time planned,
But I chickened out when I saw,
How upset you were with the other plan.

That’s right I was going to ask you,
To be my blushing bride,
But I chickened out, got cold feet,
And sped away as I watched you cry.

Tears were flowing,
Your face was bright red,
I wanted to get of the train and ask you,
But I cried instead.

Then I was in Finland,
Distance was too much,
I missed my family and the one I loved,
And that’s what I cut.

I thought I would get over you,
I tried with no success,
Started seeing other people,
But they never did last.

Now I sit here in my flat,
A reading brought it to mind,
The energies and Nordic deities,
Pester me in my mind.

They tell me to tell you,
The truth that I did hide.
So now you know the truth,
I think I will go cry and hide.

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