20 November 2015

Off Day

By Bryan

Well sorry for having a bad day,
Sorry for being stressed
Its all my fault,
You being in hospital cause of your knee,
That’s my fault,
Dad taking days off,
That’s my fault too,
Being end of college Block,
And having lots of assessments at once,
Well by golly that’s my fault,
Never mind the SQ fucking A
Setting the dates,
No its my fault,
Sorry for having a bad day,
Its all my fault,

I’m always the one that asks people how they are,
The person that listens
The one who’s always there staying calm,
Not the one who’s allowed to be stressed and worrying
By fuck not me,
I’m not allowed off days,
No not me

But you are, doubt it,
I am the one that’s not allowed off days,
All the attention to everyone else,
No off days for me
Its all my fault,
Every thing’s my fucking fault.

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