20 November 2015

Pagan Boy

By Bryan

A tear is forming,
Once again,
Made a mistake,
I have to deal.
Told a secret,
And told a lie,
Never will we be the same.

Friendship is a hard thing,
Worse when both hold a crush,
But what can you do,
When you both want
What one religion disallows.
When both are devout in there way.

I ask you my friends,
How do I live,
When I love a Pagan boy,
I am but a girl,
Devout in the name of Allah

How do I convince this heart,
That he is no good,
My family would disown

A tear is forming,
For my pagan boy,
As he passes away,
Never will he know,
How I truly feel,
Never will we meet in Jannah.

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