Getting to know: GaryG

1. What got you involved with SMF? When a friends forum that I frequented was upgraded I was hooked really, what really got me going was the fact that I enjoyed helping people, at first, I tried to be a jack of all trades, I was making mods, themes and doing general support, but over… Continue reading Getting to know: GaryG

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Getting to Know: Arantor

1. What got you involved with SMF? Back in 2006, I was starting out with a new software development, and needed a discussion forum. Initially I found PunBB, but found that its lack of polls as a built in feature proved enough reason for me to move, and so I went looking at what was… Continue reading Getting to Know: Arantor

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Getting to Know: Jeff Lewis

1. What got you involved with SMF? I co-founded it with Joseph Fung. We were looking to create a PHP based forum and started YSE and from there the project evolved into SMF. Part of my desire to get involved was a new challenge, something to get into with all the free time I had… Continue reading Getting to Know: Jeff Lewis

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Theme Innovation

For once I am going to look past the SMF teams shortfalls, as I dont want everyone to think that that is purely the concern on SMF, yesterday in my post in General Chat on this forum, regarding Blocs Retirement, I quoted part of a message from Bloc to myself: Quote But you know as… Continue reading Theme Innovation

SMF Death

Over the last few months a few of us have had many insults thrown at us from various team members and the communities we visit.  One thing that we hear alot is that we all want SMF to die, that we are all anti smf, ive had a personal message from Christian A. Herrnboeck attacking me… Continue reading SMF Death

January Events – Think

So we all know what happened in January the red badges trying to take control of the company against what the team and project is founded on, so 7 months on what has changed, well besides the team at an all time low, and compuart standing down, tbh nothing really.  Ok a new NPO has… Continue reading January Events – Think

The Messiah

In my article SMF Free For All, I brought to the publics attention on how team members are now allowed to do work that the CM offers, with others explaining how this is poor for SMF.  After discussion with a lead (JimM) bringing the steering committee to attention of the fact this breaks the team… Continue reading The Messiah

SMF Free For All

This is a call, a call to the SMF Team, offer your services of installing smf, co nverting forums, and upgrading them, offer your services that are cheaper the the charter membership, one team member is and guess what he is being let off with it as the team manual seems to mean nothing.  Straight… Continue reading SMF Free For All