An Olive Branch

They say that it takes courage to stand up and extend an olive branch to those that have a mutual dislike towards you.  There is one team member that I do not believe is suited for his role, I have had issues with this user when he was on the Support team, I had issues… Continue reading An Olive Branch

A Call to the BoD

For the last few weeks myself and others have been compiling a list to the SMF BoD, to show them the actions of one of the team members over the last few weeks, we spent ages in making this list and looking at how they broke the core guidelines, the Board of Directors have ignored… Continue reading A Call to the BoD

Looking Through The Mesh

One thing that I have done over the last few weeks is not only show double standards within key people but also on how SMF can be improved.  I have looked at the core values been broken by individuals, but what about as a team, do you think even the team as a whole follow… Continue reading Looking Through The Mesh

How to Help …

For the last few months my site as well as has been bringing you the news on what is happening on SMF, things that the public should know but do not, we have shown you the hypocrisy of certain team members and we have allowed you to speak and share your views, everything we… Continue reading How to Help …

My Farewell to SMFServices

When I first created SMF Services, it was a site for me to make money, and my friends to also make a quick buck, I always ran SMF Services with the customer as priority, like any “business” should.  With this our reputation grew, we were getting busier and busier, so we had to bring more… Continue reading My Farewell to SMFServices

Friends Vs SMF

Firstly I wish to apologize if this article is not as well written as my previous ones, my proof reader is on holiday, Secondly I wish to thank all the friends (using the SMF definition of friend) that have gotten back to me. The events of January 2010 was not the start of the issues… Continue reading Friends Vs SMF

SMF Releases

So today cause i am kinda pissed off I decided to scroll through the archive announcement board just to see how much time has been between initial announcements until a final, then an announcement to the next release and when that actually got released. So the first post was by David, on September 30, 2003… Continue reading SMF Releases

Mods not just Themes

My last article looked at how poor the customization team is currently with Theme Approvals, now while this has brought alot to light, it came to my attention last night that the Cus. team are also being sloppy with Mod Approvals.  Yes its not just themes, is this the downfall for the Cus team, all… Continue reading Mods not just Themes

A Call to the Turks

This is a plea to all the Turkish theme designers I have had banned from the SMF Theme Site, the SMF Site or who’s themes I have rejected for breaking the guidelines, damn this is a call to all theme author’s that I have rejected there themes. Firstly I feel I should apologize, I was… Continue reading A Call to the Turks